Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodbye Charie...


Last night i was shocked when DERECK (ex-housemate) texted me about our neighbor (sa dati namin apartment)..Here's what the text's says..' pano c chai.sabi ni harris wala na daw sya.' to my surprised,i immediately replied back and said 'HAh?anong wala na?kanino nalaman ni harris yon? So what i did was i texted ate divine to confirm it.And it's true.Chai died by cardiac arrest..She suffered from severe headache,dizziness and vomitting.They rushed her to the hospital only to find out that she was already dead on arrival..(One vein sa may batok nya ang pumutok).I uttered a sigh and my eyes filled with teas after confirming the news. Charina or chai as her most friends called her..For me,she is a smart,candid,strong, happy and sweet girl as what i observed during those times we're still neighbors..She's just about a year nursing graduate.Took her license last november and unfortunately unable to pass the exam so i assumed that was the cause of her death.But her ate told me that its not the reason..It happens very quick and unexpectedly. We wont forget you sweet charie..Your smiles,and all the memories you shared with us. I admired your family bonding and that made me glad that i have met your kindred. May you rest in peace as the heaven's rejoyces in welcoming you in an endless life with God..and our condolence to those you left and your love ones.. i will surely miss you..