Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Before going to sleep this night,i browsed my friendster account..I saw there my college buddies and friends.I recalled the memories we've shared,the laughters,bondings,rushing of assignments,examination crammings,old market sh0pping's/tambays(hehe)searching for O.T's,housemates b0nding,ofcourse,that moment when i met my husband...(hmm..Kilig!..)

I miss my college days.This is the happiest days of my entire school journey..I can go and do anywhere and anything i want back then.But with limitations ofcourse...,
I joined some organizations like college councils and campus youth ministry where I've learned alot of things aside from academics.I've learned how to be independent..Little by little I did grew up..

Happy and sad things happened.The saddest and exciting day i will never forget was our graduation day..Different paths and journeys ahead of us to meet Mr. success..Or worse, you might n0t meet him..However, life must still move on..

And now..Here I am..A colorful and blisfull life..A very talented husband,non-smoking,alcohol free(sometimes)hehe..Responsible,understanding,gorgeous(daw!) and mapagmahal na asawa and my gwapong mga anakis!(syempre mommy nila ako e!)..(Nextime na lang pictures nila..).They're my life..I will live and die for them.

We will creat a lovely and happy family until the end of my journey!So help me God.Amen..


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