Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best nanny in the world


Giving the chance to become a mother is the greatest fulfillment that a woman could ever achieved. .Many were not bless to bear a child and the only option they would do is to adopt.Maybe they are not parents biologically,but then they could be a good foster parents..

But being mom,(not necessary full time mom) means sacrificing a lot.If you are a working mom,you divide the time between work and family..As for me a full time mom,i had sacrificed most of my social life.I can't go anywhere i want now..However, giving your most best in taking care of your kids won't give you worries than hiring a nanny or someone who can look after them..

When i was still single,i used to do whatever i want an go wherever my foot leads me to.But being a mom now is different from single life.Your full attention was directly givin to your family.Automatically,instinct insist us to do choires without anyone to command..We became an instant maid of our family!Lol..Washing load doubles,don't just cook dishes for our selves,etc., planned futures,always thinking them,(bago ang sarili natin,inuuna natin ang kapakanan family lalo na mga kids.) was added to our tasks as a mommy.

We sacrifices a lot.But in exchange,for all those sacrifices is the happiness we received whenever we see our family happy..Gagawin mo lahat for the sake of your kindred!

But did they ever know that the award for the Best Nanny in the World,(kahit ano pa ang tawag,nanay,mama..)goes to....


Hindi matatawaran ang lahat ng sacrifices nating mga mommies,kaya my SALUTE para sa mga kagaya ko na m0m!Hehe..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Postponed Change of Environments


Bored and tired of my daily routines.Watching the same environment,chezzy and juicy atmosphere (kasi puro chizmiz) and people we mingled everyday.So for a change, hanz planned to bring Aedin and I in places where we can sight different auras!(polluted areas,like that!)Lol.But due to unexpected hubby's extra activities this c0ming weekend,the plan was changed..
Can't help but feel very disappointed and upset.The "momentum was already lost" as they say if the plan will be move the other week.Lol! I just want to be with hubby on his special day!Lol.
Well,perhaps fate doesn't want these to happen too..It's just a matter of incident and coincidence i guess.
Anyway,to catch up for the postponed event,hehe,we decided to schedule it the following week so we could have a 3 days vacation (saturday,sunday and monday-(end of ramadan)).A good timing..Lol.

Next post again.Bye.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Recipe #2: Pork Curry


Let me share another yummy recipe everybody will love!
An excerpt from my very own mind cookbook!Hehehe.Another twist for the typical pork curry we served.

Pork Curry

1/2 kg pork lean strips
3pcs long eggplant sliced 1/2 inch thick
1 red and green bell pepper
1 pork cube,dissolved in 1/3 cup water
1 small onion
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp.Oil
1 tsp. curry powder
pepper to taste
1 small can evap milk
chilli paste (optional)

1.Heat oil.Sauté garlic and onion.Pour in pork cook until golden brown.
2.Add curry powder, bell pepper and water with the dissolved pork cube.Bring to boil.
3.Add the eggplant and cook for 2-3 minutes.Add salt and pepper.
4.Pour in evap milk and simmer for 2 minute without boiling.Add chilli paste(optional)
5.Remove from fire and ready to serve!

Enjoy your meal!I have tried it many times and i love it!

Thanks to for the photo!

Recipe #1: Seafood Stew


If you will ask me to choose cooking over writing,i definitely choose cooking!Since i got the knowledge on cooking,i started to collect recipes found in can labels,magz,newspapers,books etc..,i cut and kept them,and whenever i got the opportunity to cook,and depends upon the resources,i tried to prepare those recipes..They say "to win a man's heart is through his stomach" thats why hubby easily got fall in love with me!Lol!Pis my dear!
For a healthy family,mommies should know how to prepare nutrious food for their kindred.And we are secured enough to think that what they are eating are safe because we made it ourselves.
With regard to these matter,let me partake one dish i've learned and hoping you will love it!

Seafood Stew

1 tbsp.Butter
1/2 cup sliced onion
2 cups diced tomatoes
1/2 kg halaan with shells
1/4 kg tahong
1 medium size carrots,cut into strips
1cup cauliflower
1 seafood broth cube(if available)dissolved in,
1 cup water
1/4 kg labahita fillet and cut into cubes
1 small red bell pepper
cut into cubes
salt and pepper to taste
3/4 cup evap milk

Here's how

1.Heat butter,sauté onions and tomatoes until limp.Stir in halaan and tahong,cook for 5 mins. or until shells open up.
2.Add carrots and cauliflower.Cook for another minute.Pour in water and let boil.
3.Add fish fillet,red bell pepper,salt and pepper to taste.
4.Pour in evap milk and simmer without boiling for 2 minutes.

To all busy mom's out there,try it!It's an easy to prepare dish!And sure your family will love this!

Enjoy cooking and happy eating!

My apology for not posting the image of the recipe here..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breaking the silence


Hmmnn..I made this post just to make you laugh lang..Wala lang.And shemps,after a long period of quiet moment,now im back!Lol.

Last sunday,we went to church.(hubby,kids and my siblings).Kwento ko lang the whole story..

15 minutes lang nagstay ng church,mainipin kasi mga bata besides maalinsangan pa.After church,go kami ng Friendship(supermarket yan).Ang mag-ama(nicko&hubby) went to barber shop to have my nicko's haircut.A couple of minutes,ayan na ang mag-ama!Napa-wow! aketch!Shemps pogi na ulit panganay ko.Shemps flattered and proud naman ang dakilang mudra kapag pinupuri mga kiddo's ko..

Go na us sa loob ng supermarket to buy mga needs..Ang kukulit ng mga kasama namin,to the point madami tuloy di nabili sa pagmamadali!Uwi na kami.Pero need to buy ulam ofcorse.

Sa loob ng wet market...

I was looking for halaan and maya-maya but forgot to buy naman evap milk,and veggies coz i wanna cook sana Seafoods Stew.When suddenly i decided wag nalang kasi i can't find the fish i want.May stall ako nilapitan i saw maya-maya fish kasi.Di ko na rin binili mukang bilasa na e.
Nun pagtalikod ko,i heard some mama's there talking like this o,"seksi naman nun.." i couldn't resist laughing kasi alam ko ako yun!Lol!
Aba!Ang lola mo may appeal pa pala!Hahaha!After delivering two kids seksi pa pala ako!Hehe..Oops..Hubby wag ka na react dyan..Kontra ka pa e!Hehe
Well,only to find out na di pa rin pala ako mukang lukring kahit nasa bahay lang!Lol!

Monday, August 10, 2009



My eldest son Nicko Blue,just ended his 1 week vacation here(muñoz) yesterday.While here,he spent all his entire vacation playing.Dami nyang mga kalaro kaya naman tuwang-tuwa siya!Sadly,most of the time inaaway naman mga kalaro which is not good.Kahirap sawayin! I guess may pinagmanahan sabi nga!Hehe..

On the contrary, a two year old kid medyo kakulitan pa talaga kaya sometimes instead na magalit,natatawa nalang kami sa kakulitan nya kasi he is so malambing naman,our consolation..
When we say kiss to mommy and daddy,he kisses us not in the cheek but gave us smacks in the lip.

But everybody notices color differences of my kids.Nicko Blue is maputi and his sibling Terrence Aedin was a bit tan compared to Nicko.They often asked me,"why is that Nicko Blue is mas maputi than Terrence?Saan mo ba sila pinaglihi?"hmmnn.." I said " 'di ko alam.." But when it comes to look,mas pogi daw na naman si Nicko!Hehe..I told them,pareho silang gwapo in different way..Nadadala lang kasi sa puti that's why..I said. When you look deeply to my youngest son,you will notice na habang tinititigan mo,nagiging gwapo!Hehe..(ganyan ang mga mommy!Hehe)
When somebody say's, ka-pogi naman mga anak mo..Hanz say's, "mana sa daddy kanino pa nga ba!"hehe..Which i agree naman!Haha..

I just shared what other people say's about my kids..Hehe..
Oops...Wala muna kokontra, it's my blog!Haha..
Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Halina kayo mga anak


Halina mga anak..Takbo'y inyong bilisan
Salubungin ang inyong nanay at tatay ng isang
Matamis at masarap na yakap
Ang sabik na sabik na ama at inang nais muling mayakap at masilayan ang kanilang mga munting anghel

Halina kayo at inyong bitbitin
Dala naming mga pasalubong
Na magpapasaya sa inyong maghapon
Mga laruan at damit na idadagdag sa inyong mga koleksyon

Halina kayo mga anak..
Tatabihan namin kayo sa inyong pagtulog.
Sa saliw ng musika,
Kayo'y aming ipaghehele
Hanggang sa kayo'y dalawin ng antok..

At sa muling pagsilay sa umaga,
Kasama nyo pa rin ang nanay at tatay, hanggang sa muling pagsapit ng gabi..
Kayo'y hindi iiwan at hindi pababayaan
Aalagaan hanggang sa huling pagtibok ng puso
Sapagkat kayo,mga anak ,ang bumubuo sa Buhay ng tatay at nanay..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Life with Direct Selling


Iam a dealer of natasha,boardwalk,mse,sundance,avon to name a few...
As an additional income,i registered as dealer.For some reasons,pinagti-tiyagaan ko with my nanay,though mahirap talaga maningil sometimes.Some customers nade-delay ang payments,others paid in advance and some will ask for discounts which hindi mo pwede not to give discounts kasi they are your customers.The risk is when you got overdue,you pay the penalty, and you cannot avoid to have returned items.May mga nag0order na nagbabalik ng items kasi hindi kasya,maliit,malaki,etc..Di ka naman pwede magalit kasi mawawalan ka talaga ng clients..Hehe..So dapat may extension ang pasensya.

But the good thing with direct selling,it's a 1 month to pay basis and not COD na mas ok compared to buying from malls.It's a home base shopping sabi nga and utang pa o di ba?However,mahirap parin for dealer's part yung paniningil.

Now my life with natasha is really a help talaga.Out of the commissions i got,i can exchange it to some items i like without worrying on how will i pay it.Aside from that,direct selling gives us the opportunity to mingle,to be exposed, to extend our patience,and in my part as a mommy na dito lang bahay,i got to know some latest in fasions,styles,trends etc.eventhough im just at home taking care of my son (terrence).
Somehow,natasha gives changes to life.Dati i can't afford to have this thing,that,this,.etc.need to budget talaga para mabili lang yong bagay na gusto ko.Now kahit paano kahit paisa-isa nakakapag-ipon na ng gamit..So really,nakakatulong talaga ang DS sa akin.Nakakapagod pero tiyagaan lang kung gusto natin kumita. ofcorse no works na hindi ka napapagod right?Even if nakaupo ka lang,you get tired.

Just a piece of advice to those who are encourage to join DS,DONT EVER EVER SPEND YOUR COLLECTIONS! Mahirap mag-abono ofcorse,but mas mahirap kapag nagastos mo mga collections mo!Wahahahaha..Trust me!Hihihi..

Thursday, June 18, 2009



Just want to share this while waiting for electricity and water to flow again...!Haayy...

A lazy and hazy day...Lol!..But anyway,let me share you this...
At 6 and a half months,my baby's starting to burrr,burrr na!Hindi palagi,but atleast marunong na.Tska baka tumutubo na ngipin nya kasi palagi nya nila2bas dila nya.And im looking forward for more few months at mas marami na sya pwede gawin which excites me kahit na he's my second baby na.Excited parin ako shempre he's undergoing child's development and ofcorse kasama yung pag burr burr nya..I started feeding him cerelac,bread (marie)soft kasi biscuit na yan)mashed potato and squash.Ayaw nya mag bottle feed kc matigas un nipple kya nahirapan ako di ko maiwanan ng matagal coz he's very dependent sa 'kin..Lately nung kumakain na sya ng biscuit,i tried to give him milk s bottle pra may katulong naman milk coming from me,and hindi ganun kasuccessful,but atleast kahit pano napa2inum ko na sya.Every after eating,i fed him milk in bottle..

Worst thing happened,4days hindi nagpupu ang baby ko,then the following day, nagpupu sya,s0brang baho!As in!Kumakapit ang amoy!Kahit mag-alcohol ka pa!Hahaha!

My consolation is,magaling mag-smile ang baby ko and nakakagigil ang babies! thats why lahat ng pagod s buong maghapon ay natatanggal! Y0n nga lang,medyo bugnutin at gusto lagi ng pasyal at grabeh kaagang gumising!Kahit gusto mo pa matulog,hnd na pwede!Haay...Tnx for reading!



Walang kuryente.NPC daw(national power c0rp.)

Habang naghihintay ng muling pagdaloy ng kuryente,at hindi makaligo dahil wala ring tubig,eto binigyan ko ng pagkakataon ang aking blog para magpost ng walang katuturang bagay bagay...
Gusto ko sanang matulog pero baka dapuan ng lamok o langaw ang aking nahihimbing na anghel at magising,kaya pinili ko nalang mag-internet.Mabibitin lang ako sa tulog at nakakaabala din s pagtulog habang inuugoy mo ang duyan,mamaya nalang ako nanakaw ng idlip..
Masarap sana matulog ngayo at malamig pero mahirap matulog ng marami kang inaalala..

At habang inuugoy ko ang duyan at masarap na nahihimbing ang aking bunso,gustong-gusto ko ding matulog!Dahil sa mga puyat s mga maraming nagdaang mga araw,pambawi lang sana ang isang oras na tulog pero hanggang 10minuto lang ang pwede ko itulog,mahaba na y0n.

..Mahirap magalaga ng anak madaming sakripisyo pero habang pinagmamasdan ko ang aking mga anak na nakangiti @ masigla at sanay wag dapuan ng sakit,masaya at magaan na ang pakiramdam ng buong maghap0n ko kahit walang tulog...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Before going to sleep this night,i browsed my friendster account..I saw there my college buddies and friends.I recalled the memories we've shared,the laughters,bondings,rushing of assignments,examination crammings,old market sh0pping's/tambays(hehe)searching for O.T's,housemates b0nding,ofcourse,that moment when i met my husband...(hmm..Kilig!..)

I miss my college days.This is the happiest days of my entire school journey..I can go and do anywhere and anything i want back then.But with limitations ofcourse...,
I joined some organizations like college councils and campus youth ministry where I've learned alot of things aside from academics.I've learned how to be independent..Little by little I did grew up..

Happy and sad things happened.The saddest and exciting day i will never forget was our graduation day..Different paths and journeys ahead of us to meet Mr. success..Or worse, you might n0t meet him..However, life must still move on..

And now..Here I am..A colorful and blisfull life..A very talented husband,non-smoking,alcohol free(sometimes)hehe..Responsible,understanding,gorgeous(daw!) and mapagmahal na asawa and my gwapong mga anakis!(syempre mommy nila ako e!)..(Nextime na lang pictures nila..).They're my life..I will live and die for them.

We will creat a lovely and happy family until the end of my journey!So help me God.Amen..

Friday, June 12, 2009



Yestery,i was surprised when my eldest son nicko blue came here to visit me..I didn't expected him.

I miss my blue very much!Co'z when i gave birth to my sec0nd s0n,since then hindi ko na xa nkasama,he stayed to his lola,(father side)dumadalaw-dalaw nalang dito.Haay.. I have n0thing to do with this situation but to wait until lumaki na youngest ko.Kahirap mag-alaga ng 2 bata lalo n 2year old ang isa,kakulitan nya!

Anyway k0nting tiis nalang at ok na..However,im very happy kasi dumalaw anak ko d2,nkasama ko kahit 1 night lang..Kakalungk0t lang at this afternoon,umuwi na anak ko..

Haay..Very sad..Wala ako magawa..But then ok lang co'z i knew that my in-laws will take good care of him..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inspirational thought


Just want to share with you guys this simple story to inspire you whatever you've been doing..


One night a man had a dream.He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord.Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.For each scene,he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand one belonging to him,and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life flashed befor him,he looked back at the footprints in the sand.He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints.He also noticed that this happened at the very lowest and saddest time in his life.

These really bothered him,and questioned the Lord about it."Lord,you said that once i decided to follow You,you'd walk with me all the way."But i have notice that during the most troublesome times in my life,there was only one set of footprints.I don't understand why,when i needed you most,you left me."

The Lord replied,"My son,My precious child,I love you and would never leave you.During your times of trial and suffering,when you see only one set of footprints,it was then that I carried you."

what lesson or values can we get from the story?

Every time we had troubles,we always say "Lord why?Why me?We always keep on blaming the Lord for each trials and sufferings that we encountered.But aren't we realize that those trials will keep and make us stronger and that the Lord won't give us problems that we can't solve,and that GOD is also their to lift us up after each storms..

I hope the story did inspire to those who read it.Tnx..

Monday, June 1, 2009

First time nanay


Exciting maging nanay!Nung pinanganak ko panganay ko,excited lahat,shemps lalo na ako!At first,hirap pa ako kumilos dahil CS ako,but later on,ok na.Nun una, nkakatakot magpaligo ng baby shempre maliit kasi ng katawan ng tska baka mapasukan ng tubig tenga nya..Until such time na-manage ko na.

Eto naman pinakakadiri.(eww..)maghugas ng pupu ng baby!(ewww)eniways,di pa naman ganun kabaho at di pa naman kumakain no?(ano pakiramdam nun first time nyo maglinis ng pupu ng baby nyo?Hehe)..Hmmn..Ako? Shempre kadiri,.Eww..Pero ako?Walang kadiri kadiri jan! Coz during my colege days,during my OJT,i used to see and smell the pupu's of hundreds of carabao's at PCC! Imagine that? So cleaning pupu's of my baby is not that hard anymore.It was an old and familiar job!Hehe

Another kainis thing is that kapag kalalagay mo lng ng diaper then biglang pupu ang baby,haay!Sayang ang diaper!And one more thing,sobra talaga ang sacrifice ng mommies everyday yun, laging kulang ako sa tulog,puyat palagi,.But still,wen i saw my baby smiling,nawawala lahat ng pagod at puyat ko. How much more kapag nag-start na mag-response at nagbe-baby talks na..Haay..

Mahirap na masarap maging mommy..I know ganyan din nararamdaman ng ibang mommies jan out there..

Karugtong ng buhay ko mga anak ko,.Without them,i might get crazy!Hehe,.