Monday, August 10, 2009


My eldest son Nicko Blue,just ended his 1 week vacation here(muñoz) yesterday.While here,he spent all his entire vacation playing.Dami nyang mga kalaro kaya naman tuwang-tuwa siya!Sadly,most of the time inaaway naman mga kalaro which is not good.Kahirap sawayin! I guess may pinagmanahan sabi nga!Hehe..

On the contrary, a two year old kid medyo kakulitan pa talaga kaya sometimes instead na magalit,natatawa nalang kami sa kakulitan nya kasi he is so malambing naman,our consolation..
When we say kiss to mommy and daddy,he kisses us not in the cheek but gave us smacks in the lip.

But everybody notices color differences of my kids.Nicko Blue is maputi and his sibling Terrence Aedin was a bit tan compared to Nicko.They often asked me,"why is that Nicko Blue is mas maputi than Terrence?Saan mo ba sila pinaglihi?"hmmnn.." I said " 'di ko alam.." But when it comes to look,mas pogi daw na naman si Nicko!Hehe..I told them,pareho silang gwapo in different way..Nadadala lang kasi sa puti that's why..I said. When you look deeply to my youngest son,you will notice na habang tinititigan mo,nagiging gwapo!Hehe..(ganyan ang mga mommy!Hehe)
When somebody say's, ka-pogi naman mga anak mo..Hanz say's, "mana sa daddy kanino pa nga ba!"hehe..Which i agree naman!Haha..

I just shared what other people say's about my kids..Hehe..
Oops...Wala muna kokontra, it's my blog!Haha..
Thanks for reading!


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