Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best nanny in the world

Giving the chance to become a mother is the greatest fulfillment that a woman could ever achieved. .Many were not bless to bear a child and the only option they would do is to adopt.Maybe they are not parents biologically,but then they could be a good foster parents..

But being mom,(not necessary full time mom) means sacrificing a lot.If you are a working mom,you divide the time between work and family..As for me a full time mom,i had sacrificed most of my social life.I can't go anywhere i want now..However, giving your most best in taking care of your kids won't give you worries than hiring a nanny or someone who can look after them..

When i was still single,i used to do whatever i want an go wherever my foot leads me to.But being a mom now is different from single life.Your full attention was directly givin to your family.Automatically,instinct insist us to do choires without anyone to command..We became an instant maid of our family!Lol..Washing load doubles,don't just cook dishes for our selves,etc., planned futures,always thinking them,(bago ang sarili natin,inuuna natin ang kapakanan family lalo na mga kids.) was added to our tasks as a mommy.

We sacrifices a lot.But in exchange,for all those sacrifices is the happiness we received whenever we see our family happy..Gagawin mo lahat for the sake of your kindred!

But did they ever know that the award for the Best Nanny in the World,(kahit ano pa ang tawag,nanay,mama..)goes to....


Hindi matatawaran ang lahat ng sacrifices nating mga mommies,kaya my SALUTE para sa mga kagaya ko na m0m!Hehe..


angel maia said...
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angel maia said...

I'm gonna be a Mom soon. I'm expecting our first baby to come out April 2010. So, I've be experiencing all these soon.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. God bless.

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