Friday, September 11, 2009

Postponed Change of Environments

Bored and tired of my daily routines.Watching the same environment,chezzy and juicy atmosphere (kasi puro chizmiz) and people we mingled everyday.So for a change, hanz planned to bring Aedin and I in places where we can sight different auras!(polluted areas,like that!)Lol.But due to unexpected hubby's extra activities this c0ming weekend,the plan was changed..
Can't help but feel very disappointed and upset.The "momentum was already lost" as they say if the plan will be move the other week.Lol! I just want to be with hubby on his special day!Lol.
Well,perhaps fate doesn't want these to happen too..It's just a matter of incident and coincidence i guess.
Anyway,to catch up for the postponed event,hehe,we decided to schedule it the following week so we could have a 3 days vacation (saturday,sunday and monday-(end of ramadan)).A good timing..Lol.

Next post again.Bye.


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